sand and water playground equipment

What is inclusive playground

Inclusive playgrounds are designed with the prime objective to include everyone. These inclusive play design is designed by professional inclusive playground designer in a thoughtful manner in order to provide an environment which is safe for children of any abilities to play and enjoy together. These play areas are designed to be developmentally proper for children without and with disabilities.

sand and water playground equipment

With these playgrounds all the barriers associated with exclusion are removed whether social or physical and it provides a sensory rich experience for all types of kids. An inclusive playground designer focuses on some prime components in order to make sure that a positive and engaging platform and experience is provided to all children.


These components are:

Physical accommodations: these playground equipment for schools are made to accommodate children with physical disabilities. They meet the ADA requirements too and have customized equipments in them.

Engaging: It provides numerous opportunities to children to explore so that all the senses are integrated and it promotes social play. There is something for everyone.

Integrated: the playground has a space which is designed for a cohesive community wherein the play opportunities are offered in an integrated manner for proper social development.

Promote inclusion: they are designed to work for the community by educating and bringing the families together. They prove that children of all type of abilities enjoy learning, exploring, interacting and also having fun together. They are built for compassion and, inclusion of those that are not same as you. That’s a lesson┬áthat benefits us all.